*Brrrrrr*inging you more cold-weather options

The winter of 2019 in Saskatoon might be a bone-chilling one, but that doesn’t mean you have to put all of your outdoor signage on hold! In the past, some of our busiest window perf months at Koncept Sign Group have been in October and early November.  Often you will find us frantically trying to coordinate installs on the days that boast a balmy +10º Celsius. Why you ask?

Well, the general knowledge in our industry is that outdoor adhesive prints installed below +10º Celsius have a lower life span, because the adhesive sticky side turns solid and has a much harder time adhering to the window surface.  Let’s just imagine, for a moment, trying to get a piece of regular printer paper to stick to a window without any tape….it’s just not going to work.

Now this temperature range might work OK for jobs in warmer climates, but in Saskatchewan, no - in Canada, we need a better solution for window perf! Who is willing to manufacture a product that will withstand the harsh realities of our fridge temperatures?!? DryTac people.  Drytac. Who better to come up with a product to stand up against Canadian winters than a Canadian company! Woohoo - Drytac for the win!


Drytac, one Koncept’s favourite printable substrate partners, has come up with some innovative solution.  They’ve recently tested and rated several of their best products for cold-weather application, often down to -20º Celsius! Their Polar Poly White and Polar Poly Clear films, both featuring a removable adhesive, stick to a wide range of substrates, even when the thermometer is dropping. This gives us the opportunity to give you eye-popping and up-to-date new graphics on the outside of your business while your competitors are still shoveling the snow away from their summer and fall displays...Winning!

Or maybe you want to get your windows working for you as display space, but don’t want to cover them up completely and lose out on the natural sunlight that we manage to receive, which we are very very very thankful for.  Well we can help you with that too! Using Drytac’s PolyBrites inside mount perforated printable window film, we can apply graphics to the inside of your building and give you vibrant window graphics without sacrificing your ability to see outside...Double Win!


These and other cold-weather options are opening up ways for us to serve you no matter what the season may bring our way;  except for when it is -40º Celsius, we can’t help you there, but a travel agent can!