The Process



Every sign inquiry that comes our way hits our estimating and quoting team.  We've got a system in place to make sure you are receiving accurate and competitive pricing.  Once we get an estimate to you for your signage, and you approve it, we turn that estimate into a quote and send your project details to our Project Scheduling team to get your sign project into our work-flow. 


Project Scheduling & Management

This team is like our central nervous system - without them we just can't function.  When the project managers receive your project they do all the scheduling, they assign your project to the best suited graphic designer, and before you know it your project is in full print production mode.  If you ever have a question about the status of your project it is best to call the project managers - they've got the keys to the sign production system. 


Sign Production 

There are two very important teams at play during this stage of the process - our graphics design team and our print production powerhouse.  These two teams work together to make your graphics look fantastic.  They calibrate and re-calibrate your creative to ensure that your signage is produced at the best quality for your specific needs.   They are our quality control mechanisms when it comes to the fabrication of your signage. 


Shop Prep

The finishing team puts everything together.  Your sign might need grommets, likely it needs to be cut, weeded and masked, or maybe you are getting a lit sign, the shop team makes sure your signage looks like the proof you received from our sign production team.  This step is one we never side step, nearly every sign needs the detailed look over by our shop prep team so that it is ready for the final stage - installation. 



If your sign project requires help from our installation team you would have received an install date from our project scheduling team at the beginning of this process.  Our installation team are experienced and skilled installers who have an eye for detail and precision.  Installation is one of the most rewarding stages in the sign process.  Many times signs start as an idea and the installation phase reveals a very real and tangible Koncept.