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Good Times

we hAVE project management teams for events

Large orders, complex timelines, last minute rushes, multiple signage requests, and various budget restraints - we've got you covered.  When the weather heats up in Saskatoon, so do the events, and we have a team dedicated to giving your event signage the priority it requires so that it is produced on time. 


Sports & Tournaments

We don’t want to come across as sport fanatics - but we kind of are! Enjoying our fair share of games, tournaments, and tailgate parties, we have an eye for the graphic details that make these venues an unforgettable experience for the players and the fans.


Festivals & Exhibitions

The River. Parks. Music. Shows. Rides. Warm Weather. Late Nights….ah Summer…most people don’t think about the crazy planning that goes into pulling festivals and exhibitions off, but we do! We’ve had the privilege of providing signage for some of the largest events that take place in Saskatoon throughout the year.


Charity & Corporate

Creating signage for charity and corporate events is always a good time at Koncept. We really enjoy creating unique signage pieces for people to gather around. From small table top signage to large backdrops, our design team is able to bring your event vision to life.

let's talk signage

if you didn't see your event on this page give us a call - we like events!

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