Vehicle Wraps are Moving Billboards

Advertising is everywhere! Let’s be honest, vehicle wraps are not a new concept and they are definitely not new to Koncept. We’ve designed all kinds of vehicle graphics over the last decade and our constant challenge is to come up with artwork that is show stopping - but not the kind of show stopping that causes people to stop driving and thus causing accidents! No. No. No. We are into designing well placed, easily read, visually engaging kind of graphics that get people to take a second, third, and even a fourth glance at what’s pulled up beside them at the red light.

Reed Security, Saskatoon (Fleet)

Reed Security, Saskatoon (Fleet)

Vehicle graphics can normally be grouped within the following categories: 

  • Decals - small applications on the window, bumper, side panels

  • Half Wraps - wrapping creative along the body of the vehicle - both sides or just the back or front

  • Full Wrap - creative wrapping from front to back

Twig & Bloom, Saskatoon

Twig & Bloom, Saskatoon

So the question now becomes, “which option do I choose and how will my vehicle standout amongst the rest?”…great question

The answer is... Designer. Designer. Designer!

Now you might be thinking, “Well seriously, how hard is it to slap my logo and phone number onto my vehicle? Are you telling me it takes a Designer to do that?” Yes that is exactly what we are saying. Every vehicle comes with its unique body shape, size, and colour. Our designers are literally trained to take into consideration all the variables of your vehicle’s body to decide on the proper position, size, and colour of your graphics, so that they are easily visible and their shape isn’t compromised - decreasing the lifetime of the decal.

Vehicle graphics and the installation of them is an art form that can take years to perfect. We’ve had the privilege to work on some really interesting projects from buses, food trucks, and fleets of vehicles, to personal golf carts, a zamboni, and changing the entire body colour of a vehicle with a vinyl wrap.

Working with an experienced design team can really make the difference between just another vehicle decal on the road and an eye turning billboard.