Spring is sprung, time for a signage update!

Winter is nearly over! The constant frigid weather is finally starting to give way to sunshine, warm breezes, and snirt*.

*SNIRT noun /snƏrt / That cruddy snow/dirt mix that piles up everywhere in a Saskatchewan spring

Well with the change in the weather comes our first opportunities to start really gearing up for your outdoor signage needs, so we thought we’d remind you of all the ways we can help you make a splash to match those May flowers!

  • How is your exterior lit signage looking? Are your translucent graphics faded or cracked? Do the bulbs in your sign can need a check-up? Come talk to us about the amazing things we can do with our wide array of vibrant cut vinyl graphics or a brand new full-flood prints to make your lit signage look like new again. We also carry a wide array of options for converting your existing signage from older, duller, and more power inefficient fluorescent bulb systems to the newest LED technologies, so you can help cut some big dollars out of your electricity budget.

  • Every day gets brighter and sunnier, but that coin has two sides. Sure,  we all love seeing the sun more after a long winter, but it also means the light beaming through your windows is heating up your building and increasing your long-term AC bill. Have you considered using our printed perforated window film as a solution? Not only do you turn your windows into ideal eye-level advertising space, but you cut 60% of the light from outside while retaining full visibility!

  • Got a construction site? Real estate business? Yard sale? An incredibly inexpensive funeral interment to plan? Coroplast signs are a great option for you! (Actually, maybe not that last one. Pretend I didn’t say that one.) Coroplast is durable, inexpensive, and incredibly easy to install and maintain in a wide variety of circumstances. We can print directly to it, add reflective vinyls, cut it into any shape you like...the possibilities are almost endless.


That’s just a few of the things we do around here, and just some of the ways we can get your signage needs met this spring. Give us a call, check out our website, or drop in to pay us a visit. Let us show you what we can do!