Think Paper...and then add FOAMY


Can we pause for just a minute...paper and does this work? We don't want to bore you with the science behind it, but let's just say it is the perfect pairing for beautifully printed signage - or should we say art - because that's the kind of creative that deserves to be on this material.  

Foam core is an indoor material only, because we all know what happens when water hits paper, it get's soggy.  While this material doesn't work well outdoors, put a spotlight on it indoors and it will become the focal point on any wall.  

We typically get this material in 4x8 sheets and can cut it down to size.  Our direct print application gives this piece of signage the crisp look that any artist would want when showcasing their designs.  

 Paper + Foam - The Perfect Pairing

Derek ReimerFoam Core