Vinyl Banners...Where to begin?

In the spirit of keeping this post simple, we are only going to cover the basics when it comes to vinyl banners. 

Homes by Dream, Brighton, Saskatoon - Mesh Fence Banner

Homes by Dream, Brighton, Saskatoon - Mesh Fence Banner

There are so many different ways to use vinyl it's almost ridiculous, but here are three easy ways to think of vinyl when it comes to banners: 

  • Scrim - a banner with no holes in the material

  • Mesh - a banner with holes in the material to let air through

  • Roll-up - a banner that rolls up into a stand or some kind of hardware

Vinyl is a favourite product of ours, only because we love the fact that you can digitally print vibrant colours onto this material.  Also, it's a breeze to ship because it rolls up so nicely. 

If you are looking for a vinyl signage option, here are some questions our sign shop team will ask you in order for us to determine the right kind of material for your project: 

  1. Where is this sign going? Indoor or Outdoor...

  2. How will you be attaching this sign? Where exactly will this sign be going...

  3. How long do you want this sign to last? Is it a one-time use or would you like to reuse it...

  4. What are the measurements? Finished measurements that is :) Giving us those measurements in inches is extremely helpful...

  5. Is this sign single sided or double sided?

  6. Do you have artwork ready files or would you need our sign team to help create some artwork for you?

The world of vinyl can be a complex one, but we are here to help navigate you through it!






Vinyl BannersDerek Reimer