Corrugated Plastic aka Coroplast

Coroplast has had a history similarly to Kleenex.  Coroplast actually started out as a brand name of corrugated plastic and because of the brand's success, coroplast has now become a generically used tradename in North America. 

Here are some advantages to using coroplast:

  • Lightweight (hollow structure)

  • Non-toxic

  • Waterproof

  • Shockproof

  • Long-lasting material that resists corrosion

  • Direct Print

  • Double Sided Printing Options

Coroplast also has another technical name "Fluted Polypropylene Sheet".  The name was given to coroplast because of the substrates actual structure.  If you take a cross section look at the material you will notice a row of small tubes or flutes, if you poured water at the top of the sheet, the water would run through the material and out the bottom.  This flutelike structure gives coroplast the ability to withstand some harsh rain downpours, making it a fantastic signage option for golf tournaments and sporting events. 

Typically coroplast comes in 4'x8' sheets.  If your signage is wider or higher than those measurements, no worries, there are a number of ways we can panel sections of coroplast together to give you the dimensions you need.

Here are a few ways coroplast can be finished: 

  • Cut edge - simple and classic way to finish this sign

  • Score - utilizing the flute system to create folds in the sign

  • Grommets - easy way to attach the sign to a variety of structures

  • Step Stake - utilizing the flute system to easily insert a step stake

  • Velcro - depending on where it's final home is - velcro is a great option if you want to reuse and change out your signage

The cost effective versatility and durability of this product is second to none.  Coroplast is a great option for both indoor and outdoor signage options. Take a look at our signage gallery to see the different ways we've used coroplast to create dynamic signage options around Saskatoon. 



CoroplastDerek Reimer