Murals For Days...Enough Said

We can't stop talking about, creating, and posting on our instagram, our love for murals - murals - murals! It is pretty obvious that we kind of have a thing for murals.  Why you ask?


Murals have the ability to literally transform a space and the way people interact in it.  Take a look at the walls currently surrounding you, we have vinyl products that can wrap your entire space - from the ceiling to the floors, no space is wasted space! The best part of this removable product is that it doesn't damage what it adheres too.  So if you need to change up the graphics in two months, six months or in two years, not a problem - your walls, ceiling, and floor will be in the same condition as they were prior to applying the mural. 

UofS Computer Science, Saskatoon

UofS Computer Science, Saskatoon

We recently completed a mural project at the University of Saskatchewan, in the Computer Science building.  The mural was adhered to a brick wall - we absolutely love how it turned out! Now we can't take credit for the creative, we wish we could, but we can take credit for this amazing install, forming the mural to the brick surface. 

Now that's how you take a "tired" wall and make it new again!