Vehicle Wraps are Moving Billboards

Advertising is everywhere.  Vehicle wraps are not a new concept, but due to the saturation of this type of moving billboard, it's nearly impossible to not see some form of advertising the moment you hit the road.

Vehicle Wraps can normally be grouped within the following categories: 

  • Decals - small applications on the window, bumper, side panels
  • Half Wraps - wrapping creative along the body of the vehicle - both sides or just the back or front
  • Full Wrap - creative wrapping from front to back

So the question becomes, how does your vehicle wrap stand-out amongst the rest? Great question...and the answer, design, design. From the best image positioning for your vehicle, to the colours and the quality of graphics, working with an experienced design team can make the difference between just another vehicle decal on the road and an eye turning billboard.